At Times At Least

there are times when I absolutely love to talk, and you can't get me to button my trap (usually after someone tells me to shut up) and other times where you couldn't get me to say a word for a million dollars. I'm just weird like that (usually after someone mentions how unusually quiet I am). I'm a defiant woman, always have been, always will be! -- a symptom of Painintheassitis there is no known cure except death and I'm too fond of living, sorry it's a lifelong disease! ;)

_--hey I figure if the professional medical people can make up diseases (like ADHD, restless leg syndrome.. both are probably solved by exercise, not medication :P) than why can't I? :P painintheassosis makes more sense it is a condition not an inflammation, unless you're talking about my ego that gets inflammed. ;) :P

don't get me started on America aka the overmedicated nation! :P I promise I'll stop here!

wack1985 wack1985
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2010