Growing Pains

So I shared this as an answer to a rather controversial question, and I thought it might be more appreciated for its awkward hilarity here.

What was your awkwardest moment in life?

I was 12 and at a sleep away camp devoted to backpacking the Appilachian Trail (a 2000 mile hiking trail along the American East Coast). So there we were in the woods, frame packs and everything and I started feeling awful. My side kept hurting, just twining randomly for no reason. One kid twisted his ankle so we had to stop for a while and figure out what we were going to do, so finally I worked up the courage to tell my counselor.

"where does it hurt? And it's been hurting for how long? Just on that side?"

Eventually, my seventeen year old counselor decided, in horror, that I clearly had appendicitis.

Don't worry though, she'd been trained for this. Called the ranger and EVERYTHING. So we get to the hospital in po dunk West Virginia (me and twisted ankle kid, who it turns out actually broke his ankle, but spent the car ride comforting me through my far more serious condition), and they start running tests. Shockingly, it's not appendicitis. Now we're checking for ovarian cysts, and galbladder disorders, and my parents are driving down through the night from DC.

In the morning we found out what it was. Evidentially, no one had guessed that the 12 year old with CRAMPS might be becoming a woman.
tjschira tjschira
Dec 10, 2012