I Don't Think So Unless So...

I don't think so unless someone's been hiding this fact from me.
ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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8 Responses Jun 8, 2007

I'm new and no I didn't have to answer any questions. I'm all woman and love men!!!

Me I got on in May....But they still have those questions....<br />
<br />
My hubbie also says that he a les....trapped in a mans body....heheheh He can be funny at times

well I didn't explain well enough...when you would answer those questions (see my last comment) it would automatically put you into a group and publish what you wrote as a story. Has anyone here been on EP since spring of 2007? If so you might remember those deals....I think they called them a 'daily quiz'.

You're just full of silliness tonight. :)<br />
My dad always joked he was a lesbian because he liked what they liked.

WOW, you almost scared me there...shoot, I was thinking I was going to have to convert just for you.....hehehe

Have you ever had your genes checked?

When I first joined EP they had these questionnaires that would ask all kinds of crazy questions...like are you a woman? or are you Nordic? I would answer them all whether it applied to me or not. My day was okay, thanks for asking :)

OMG! You are sooo not a woman! What is up with that?<br />
You are too funny. Now how was your day?