Little Girl In It...

My blood is just as red as anyone else's.  It is a difficult job being a woman in a male-dominated career.  I am of course not the BEST tech at the store, but mostly I can hold my own if given space and time.  It gets hard to deal with people, mostly men because I am in technology.  Sometimes they won't even talk to me.  I think the biggest pride in this job and the best paying part is showing those men that I know a hell of a lot more about computers than they do, otherwise they would not be there.  I think that is one of the best parts of being a woman too: proving the patriarchs wrong about their preconceived notions of a little breasted thing in a skirt answering phones. 
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It's always fun showing idiots how stupid their stereotypes are

Actual are blood is blue till oxygen hits it...haahaa <br />
Just bugging <br />
I could not agree with you more about getting treated differently because you’re a woman. Most people think it doesn’t happen any more and laws have been placed that stoped it but it does still happen. I am a computer junky my self and have had a lot of comments from men about that. They think I am fat, have glasses and sit in front of the screen all day long. Such a cliché has been made about that it makes me laugh.