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I know the nasty stereotypes associated with feminism, and I don't understand why women put up with them.  Anyone who thinks women can do anything men can do is a feminist.  No hairy legs/armpits required.  I volunteer at a feminist organization, and most of the women there wear trendy clothes, bras, and have their hair dyed some shade of blonde.  Despite popular belief, very few of them have ever opted to have an abortion, most are straight, many have children, and many are stay at home moms.  So I don't understand why women hate the term feminist so much. Any ideas?
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People have attached a negative meaning to the term. I have always been afeminist, but refused to identify myself that way because of the connotation. In college I took a course in Women's History, and i was sure it would be femi-nazi crap, but it was wonderful. It was the first time in my life I was proud to identify myself as a feminist.

This is mentioned in pretty much all of my gender studies courses. The idea of women not wanting to identify as a feminist... the only reasons I can really think of right now are 1. there are negative stereotypes attached to the word, 2. people believe those stereotypes and don't want to be associated with them , and 3. to some women, I think they feel that it's harder to get a man if they're a feminist. I'll let you know if I can think of any more...