Dad, I Am a Woman...

There is a memory I just can not forget from my childhood.
I was 7 or 8. I was in the park with my dad and my brother. My brother and I were playing soccer with our friends. All of them were boys. I always played with my brother so I always played with boys. After the game was over. My brother and all the boys took off their t-shirt to cool off. I started to do the same. I just started to show breast and my dad stopped me. Being a kid I asked him why. My dad's answer was "You are different." He didn't say they were boys and I was a girl. No, he said I was different. And it was not just that he said I was different, he said it with sadness in his eyes. Sadness not for him but it was like even today when remember that day, I feel like the sadness was for me.... like he was scared that I would find out that I was not a boy and I would feel sad or disappointed or something.

Fast forward 20 years later... I want to tell my dad:

"I am not sad. I am not disappointed. Also, I am not sorry I am a woman, nor do I ever think I ever wished to be a boy or a man. I am not different. Dad, I am a woman."


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That's a great story.