Proud, Too

I am proud to be a woman.  My mind is manly, while I am not a man.  Women are beautiful, while men are too, but the strong, leader part of men is not what I would enjoy being portrayed as.  Women were seen as helpless.  Now, they have a different role.  They can be anything now.  If I was a modern-day man, I would feel somewhat guilty for the past that all women had.  More men overall commit crimes (not saying anything against men).  They are watched more, because they are "supposed to be" stronger.  That is how it was envisioned in the very beginning.  My point is, I would not like to be intimidating toward women, because I know how scary that can be.  Women have more acceptance for being homosexual than men in my world.  Women are the ones to care and nurture-which is gorgeous.  That is why I am glad I am a woman, not a man. 

18-21, F
Mar 12, 2010