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Many Days I Look In The Mirror

and see the woman looking back at me

Wondering ... will today will be the day!

Asking ... how would I look as a blonde?

Happy ... at the curves and female form looking back at me.

Grateful ... to be myself.

Josie06 Josie06 56-60, F 5 Responses Jul 4, 2012

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How lucky you are to be able to see yourself reflected back at you from the mirror. Those of us born transsexual spend far too long looking in mirrors hating the image staring back at us. To me there is something soo special about this lovely post!

Thanks for you nice words. I too am a transexual, all my life. I have over the years and decades come to realize I am a woman and what hurts is seeing the woman I am in the mirror and not being perfect ... inside and out. However, I\'m come to realize years ago that I am who I am and I just live as me. Guess I\'ve just learned over the years, it\'s as much a mind thing as a body thing.

The mirror reflects what is. You wouldn't have it any other way would you.

You really inspired me to write what the Mirror's response would be, with this one.

She is beautiful sweetie. I am sure of it.

Yes Josie, This is your day. Seize it. Make it Josie's Day.