Thanks For Reminding Me

Yes it's true, I am.  The reason I can say that in such a totally unabashed way is that I take no credit for it.  I am the creation of a higher power - as long as I manage to keep ego, desire, and insecurity from creeping in - I can actually behave in a way that reflects what is wonderful about me.  Naturally this is a bit harder than it sounds. 
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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4 Responses Jul 23, 2007

HA! I have a friend who says that he always knows the right thing to do because it's always the opposite of what he wants to do! Each of us is a "work in progress." Certainly worthy. Sadly, in the case of some folk, the construction crew seems to be taking one of those "Union Fives" you hear about - drinking coffee, discussing the game.

I'm a daily project, but a worthy one. I agree, no quick fixes and if you are confronted with two roads more times than not ,the harder of them is generally the right one.

Amen, Grams. Sadly, it seems so many of us want the cheap and easy solution to everything, the magic pill. I always say that folks want "the rose without the thorn." Sounds like you're in a good place, Grams. Remember the 11th commandment? "Thou shall do thy inner work." :-)

Self discipline and self examination are hard but the only way to inner peace.