Still Trying To Get It Right

As a 65 year old you would think i would have much of life figured out by now. Not so.
With age hopefully comes wisdom. Suddenly or sometimes not so suddenly we realize what we do not know, or even worse what we have been screwing up most of our lives. Some of it we can change and go on amd no one is the wiser. Some of it though is a big deal. You must change or live a lie. Welcome to the worldmint of maturity and accepting responsibility.
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Well, i'm 56 yrs old and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Breeze; I have read several of your stories. If you were not such a hard worker I would liken the last few years of your life to Peter Pan. Instead of children you have cats, but you refuse to conform.
I hope you remain forever young.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hello again my love. *smile* ...grabs your hand and off we go to a land of forever young! Only the pure souls and hearts of a child are allow to enter. *smile* You ready?

Now after over 8 months and many real adventures with you I am very ready to take your hand and be spirited off to never, never land. Peter Pan had nothing on your spirit of adventure, or your ability to draw others into your forever young world.
Shall we go? *Huge Smile*

whispers... I love you, I'm ready.................

I am as well my dear.
You are truly irresistible.

Relax, there's still plenty of time to decide. And remember, you can be more than one thing when you grow up.

Speaking personally, the most important things in my life happened while I was doing something else. It's like I've been far more successful by letting my destiny find me rather than me finding it.

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:) as a 70 year old I unfortunately have to inform you that another 5 years may still not be enough to completely figure out life.

The good news though is that with the extra 5 years you actually do gain a better understand that life is far more complicated than we previously thought it to be and thus less predictable, and more uncertain. Just knowing that makes it easier to accept the fact that we don't know all the answers. And just knowing that we don't know all the answers makes us more accepting of partial answers, incomplete answers, answers that we didn't really want to hear, etc., etc., etc.

Thank you for reading and commenting.
I am sure you are right. Health issues alone certainly keep it unpredictable. Hope to enjoy as much of it as possible.

Compared to walking around unaware, it seems preferable to question, evaluate, " tweak " , grow and change. It's never a waste of time, nor futile to attempt living a life that truly, wonderfully, and uniquely is " YOU."

Sometimes the awakening is so dramatic that old friends and family may abandon the new you.

I see .... I feel for you much. I don't even know what to say to that, I have never been in that situation as such. So with all that I am, I wish you the best. I am sorry you are presented with a choice that life changing

What a kind person you are. If my old friends and family had a heart and spirit like yours the choice would be so much easier. I try to live by the old adage; to thine on self be true. I think the decision has been made.just a matter of following through.

Was not the very first story you wrote after joining EP about being true , not compromising ?
This awakening has been present in your heart for some time? Still, it sounds life changing and the aftermath affects not just you, I gather.

You gather correctly. If you were raised by Democrats and all your friends were Democrats. You actually held political office as a Democrat for a number of years; then decided to join the Tea Party how would your family an friends take it?
Not my situation. Just saying......

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