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I am a victim of bullying. (for my story click on the link of the comment I left below.)

It frustrates me that people tell me to "get over it" and walk away like the problem is solved. No. I have been emotionally dealing with it for 5 years now. Yes, sharing my story has helped the process, and I love helping other people. However, little comments still affect me. I sometimes find myself frustrated that God let me go through this, but then I remember it is all a part of his plan. One day I will come out stronger than every single person who has told me I am something that I am not. And you know what, you will too. I can't tell you when it will be, or if it will even be any time soon. But it will get better, I promise you that. If you have made it this far, do not give up now. DO NOT LET LIFE WIN. DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE DEFINE YOU. You can't. You simply can't go on living like that anymore. I did that for 5 years, and I am DONE with it. I don't expect myself to get past it all right now, so neither should you. It can take time. But take positive steps forward. If I can do it, so can you :)
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