I'm A Teaching Workaholic

I am an elementary teacher of about 6 years. I work an average of 50 hours per week, not including what I do at home (grading, lesson planning, research on the Internet). I stay sometimes two hours after school has ended, just preparing for the next day. I took on an after school program position at my school to make extra money, since I was already staying late anyway. Now I am there even later! I work hard to keep up on the paper work and the required documentation of the job, but all of this is starting to seriously impair my abilities as an educator. I'm so tired and unfocused at this point, that when I am visited by administration, or being evaluated, I appear to be inept...my lesson delivery is confusing, I lack "rigor", and I appear not to know what I am teaching. Although I know this is patently untrue, I have been given a poor evaluation, rendering all my hard work irrelevant. I need to stop working harder, and start working smarter. I guess it's still time management that is an issue for me...even after 6 years in the field! Or perhaps teaching is no longer what I should be doing? It is only getting more demanding. I am a detail-oriented, creative person, but I am finding it suddenly difficult to keep up. Any suggestions?
ronnin ronnin
46-50, F
Dec 6, 2012