I'm Sick ::fake Coughing::...(actually, My Little Ones Need Me)

I am home with my little ones today because school is closed. Originally, today was scheduled to be a half day at school for my little ones. It snowed last night creating the need for a two hour delay this morning. The delay meant no school as the kids would end up being in school for only an hour. Makes sense.

I call my boss and tell her why I won't be in today. It's the first time I have been out because of the kids. It's actually my second unscheduled absence since I began working there. The first was during Hurricane Sandy.  I have been working there a little over a year and my family has been VERY helpful with watching the kids if there were sick or if school was closed and so on. But that can't happen forever.

Anyway, back to my point. I called my boss and she explained that I would be allowed to take an emergency personal day but I only get one per year. I am guessing that is policy, but that got me to thinking. It bothered me a bit as well. I have vacation, personal and sick time available to me. Why can't it be used as needed? I am not sick, so I get that. But it is a personal absence.

I am still new to the working mom world and I wonder, do most have to make up reasons to be out where their kids are concerned? If so, why is that? How are you juggling this? Have employers still not figured out that children are unpredictable and parents, not just moms, will need to take off from work here and there? Maybe there are just some who don't care to think about that. 

I have been extremely honest with them from day one. I let my boss and those above her know that my children are my first priority and although I would never abuse time, if my children need me, with them is where I will be. I am assuming that goes for many, if not all parents, but I just wanted to be sure they knew it and heard it directly from me. 

So now what? I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. But until then, I welcome any thoughts.

DeeLisa DeeLisa
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I think it varies from place to place. I have heard some very sad stories on what people have to say and go thru just to be able to be a good parent and it is sooo sad....

I don't have kids but a couple of the guys who work in our gym and dojo are dad's and need to take time for their kids now and then and hubs is fine with it. A person's kids have to come first.

I have all girls working for me in the dance studio and 3 of them are mom's with little ones and a lot of the girls who take our classes have kids so we totally came up with a plan and now I have the cutest lil kiddy corner where the little peeps can be safe and watched while mom works or dances.....This works sooo well and my mom has totally taken it over with a couple of our tai chi ladies. They have a wonderful time and so do the kids! Even our dad trainers in the gym and ninja-dad's are lovin this!! It makes life easier for everyone....

I wish more work places would do this so parents could work and not be all worried about their kids or have to lie when the kids need them.... Kids are our tomorrow....even if they aren't our own kids... so we should all be worried about them and their care today!!!

That's really wonderful Sie. It's difficult for parents that need to work and parent. Thanks a bunch Sie! I am always pleased when I hear about employers that are ok with helping out. I do understand how difficult it can be for employers because some may abuse it, but it makes it so much harder for those of us who do not.

A daycare options would be so much appreciated at work. For days like today. I will have to suggest that at the next staff meeting..

A lot of folks with NO kids want to abuse time off.....I think parents are usually the least likely to mess around like that cause they have little kids they need to provide a life for....and for that they need their paycheck....