Balancing Work, Family and Goals

I am a working Mom with 2 kids and a husband who is also trying to start my own home based business.

The main struggle is balance.  How do I do everything else, (and do it well!), without going insane!?

Surrounding yourself with positive people is what seems to work the best for me...but finding those people is hard.

I am hoping to find some here!


redefineme redefineme
46-50, F
3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Great to "meet" you too redefineme :) My children are no longer that young but maybe trying to get them to bed you and your husband can get a good nights sleep too,or work while they sleep..less distraction .I know what it is like trying to get things done with children it took an hour for what should have taken 5 minutes.All The Best

Nice to meet you!<br />
Thanks for your comment.<br />
My kids are age 6 and 2 - so having them help out is limited though we still try!<br />
I think it's my self-management and my organization that has to improve too.

We are all here for the same reasons,to help.One thing I can think of is getting all the family to pitch in and help around the house,also putting routine in the kids lives.How old are the kids?