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Stress And School

The daily amount of stress that I apply on myself is negatively impacting my everyday life. Before I entered high school, I became cognizant of the fact that grades started to count. The colleges that I would later apply to would see the grades that I was earning. I told myself that I would have to receive good grades throughout high school if I wanted to be accepted into a good college. Since the start of high school, my stress level has dramatically increased. Because of this stress, I’m missing out on a lot of things that I would love to do. I didn’t try out for the play, I quit mock trial, I’ve stopped attending teen court, I didn’t try out for cheerleading again, and I miss out on multiple things during the weekend. The stress has altered my thinking; it’s making me think that I am going to do worse in school if I preoccupy myself with anything other than schoolwork. Stress and school have started to consume my life and myself. It’s physically and mentally draining, and has health effect as well. I have a difficult time sleeping, I have a decreased appetite, and I have stress-induced headaches. Although a small amount of stress is good in one’s life to motivate them, mine is driving me over the edge. It has caused success, better than I have ever done in school, but it’s causing me much angst. It leads me to the question: What’s more important? Being stressed out and getting good grades or being happy and getting average grades? I guess I’ll find out.
TheNotSoAverageGirl TheNotSoAverageGirl 16-17, F 2 Responses Feb 4, 2012

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I really recognize myself in this. I used to be the same in high school and I still give up a lot for my studies. The way I learned to handle this kind of anxiety was to set small deadlines for myself and reward myself when I finished hem. For example: you make a to-do list, and when you've marked of one of the things on the to-do list, you go and do someting fun or relaxing. This way you can try and spread out the work, while still doing fun things. And you can relax a bit, because you've finished something too! Seeing a finished to-do list at the end of the line is really satisfying and relaxing. Maybe my method of dealing with this same problem can be useful to you!

Oh wow! You gave everything up just for studying!? That can backfire! You are already stressed! One more year without any other activity and you could have a break down!take it easyer and enjoy life a bit more! Me and my friend earning mostly good grades and we dont gave up everything