Every Morning

Every morning is the same sensation; the sensation that rushes through my stomach and turns under my skin. The questions and panicky thoughts that pound in my skull. The ticking of the clock reminding me that this is just another day that I am running late. My satchel sitting on the kitchen counter stuffed with paperwork and reminders and dates. The faces of best friends, acquaintances, and people I will never understand. What has made them this way? Do they suffer under the surface, beneath the laughter and shallow, judgmental remarks? Thought gone. Next. I remember I have a test today. I have to remind myself to grab my textbooks from the trunk of my car. I take a bite of toast with my shaking hands and sip the last bit of tea from my mug. If I don't do well on this test I'm never going to make anything of my life. Then again, why should I care? Does my happiness in life really depend on my success as a student? Then I remind myself..of course I do, that's just who I am. I am a worrier.
hopelesswanderer hopelesswanderer
Nov 27, 2012