Don't Worry-be Happy

I worry all of the time. I even worry when things seem to be going smoothly. I become a "basket case" when there's actually something to worry about. I'm surprised I haven't aged myself more than I have because of it! I think once I get through this rough spot, I won't be such a worrier. I'm hoping, anyway! It's stressful to be a worrier. A lot of unnecessary stress! I SHALL OVERCOME! We'll have to wait to see. I've got all those years of worry experience behind me. I'm sure it's more habit than anything else!

I've kept trying to make my motto "Don't Worry, Be Happy" ever since Bobby McFerrin come out with that song.  Bobby, it's much easier said than done!

silvermystics silvermystics
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2007

Hey Armadillo! I believe you are right! I know I'm always on the lookout.

I don't think theres a way. But suggestions are always welcome!

If I figure a way, I'll let you know. If you figure a way, you can let me know. :)