By Defult!

Yes... I worry too much! I know this! Not all of my worrying is rational either... in fact, most of it isn't rational. But, it's part of me, for better or for worse. :-/

I've always cared deeply for others, since I was a small child. And with a wicked imagination, which can come up with the most unfortunate (and unlikely) worse-case scenarios, I can go from "calm" to "panic" in the matter of seconds. And I often do! :-o

BUT, I've gotten a lot better with it! When things were going well for me, I would worry about it going back to being bad! And so, I couldn't enjoy the good at all, I was too busy freaking out and waiting from the bad stuff to happen! But... and this will be odd statement... my therapist snapped me out of that habit! So, I no longer feel that way, I can (and do!) enjoy my awesome days, fully! Yes, she did a few things right, earlier in my treatment. Just not so much now! XD

I do have some worries, just they are shifted in different areas of my emotional life. But, I think I'll always be a worrier... I can't help it! =p

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

God bless you.