Yea Im A Piece Of ****

You can call me the biggest loser arragant cocky touph but I all ways lost I lost weman I cant even date im a joc I play sports and some times I won but realy I played to get rid of the hidden anger of lifes dufeats growing up poor I think im not cute to weman matter fact I been told I was ugly realy was ugly and I dont know plus im real smart speak good english and read like a nurd but im from the hood so people are confused when dealing with me I can hold a full on covosation with a smart whitr guy but I scare the pants off of street people witch I grew up around but I like to read alot but im ghetto its real confusen I grew up in the hood moved to the subarbs than went back to the hood but I still couldent let go the good part about being in a good area now im 24 can read better than a college kid no girl no kids no nothing in arragant as hell and I get mad easy back in middle school a girl ask me to come to the dance so like a man I went just to get ran from the hole time I went to the bath room telling my self I cant breath and I couldent with my bielt up ego I told all my friends on the foot ball team I got a gurl friend that was a chearleader that ran and hide from me now I know these gotta be the saddest **** yall have ever hurd and it is my eyes get watery just talking about it mabby should off my self but my ego is to big but if im take another loss I might have to get it on but but the up side is the more I go under the better thangs get so I gease the bottom anit so bad because I get hurt harder when I try to clime to the top I like to win its in my blood so some times I let go but im going to give it one more run and if I fell well.
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Jan 20, 2013