how can you give something away you treasure and not know it. you will never see this arizona but you know i love you, im sure i always will. but im tired of crying over you, tomorrow you will get on the computer and see its all over and i will find out how you react. but listin to me. i dont want your love any more. its not real enough. its to open. its not my love, the one that makes the world un important. i miss you so bad, i hate it but i do. and it hurts to know i will never feel your arms around me unless its to dry my tears over you. but im not sure it might hurt me more. i know you hate when wemon cry. i wont cry for you, you will never see me cry, ill make sure. when i think of you my heart stops and i shed another drop of my heart, how u got it ill never know. how did i turn out loving you, and then it all just... flaots away

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sweetgypsyrose, god love you. you have no idea what those words mean to me. thank you for your wisdom. <br />
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i think having love is wonderful but loseing it is the most horrible expirience. the memories turn bitter in my mouth, not sweet.

A very wise man once said; it's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

that wise man obviously had a few concubines "lying" around for him.

...honeychild , you're SO young. <br />
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and you've got plenty of room in that heart of yours for others too. Find some space in it for YOU.<br />
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Love and Hugs ,<br />