I Was But Now Under Control


I have an addictive nature and so been stock at home did not help much.


It all started about 3 years when I ruptured my alkyls tendon playing badminton. I knew about the game but refused to pick it up for the simple reason, my addictive nature. Been stock and bored at home, I thought why not. From that day on, I was on it for hours long and even did a 3 day marathon without sleep.


I came to a turning point on one of my 2day marathons when I crashed out in front of the monitor unexpectedly. I knew then that that is was time to put a stop to it.


I gave up for 6 month but back now. Not playing as much anymore but I do go through moment of over play doing the weekend when there is nothing to do.

G33kwithCh1c G33kwithCh1c
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Thankfully the game has less of a time investment required these days. But there is still plenty to do. Just have to self regulate. ::shrug::