Writting..so Good It Sucks!

I wrote my first full length story when I was thirteen. For a long time I thought about it and thought about how bad it was with my little life experience. However, many years later I pulled the handwritten text and was suprprised, it's not bad for a thirteen year old. And then, having just had a peer review a twork they were all raving about how good a writer I am. Felt great and yet have not shared those writings with anyone. Now that I found this site, who knows........ 

JorgeMarinEsqueda JorgeMarinEsqueda
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1 Response May 25, 2008

Try Amazon.com. there's three category's. I'm posting to the first one. There's several genera you can pick from to post under. It doesn't pay a lot considering it's electronic and can be posted to Kindle service. And at time you do get enjoy the royalties every month. Just clean the story up and make it manuscript ready and follow the instructions and post. # # #