I have had three short stories published, but they've all been online. I have a hard time believing it counts if it's not on paper.

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E-publishing, despite what many publishers tell you is the new norm. Most e-publishing houses can be run out of a spare bedroom, Cost? and Overhead nil compared to traditional publishing houses are saddled with. The royalties are a lot less, true, but the ease to get a story to market out weighs the head aches of papering a wall with rejection slips. I've published four of my novels on and a couple other sites. Certainly the royalties are nothing to brag about but it gives you a good feeling somebody appreciates your work. At least with Amazon and Wordsmash you don't have some overworked editor telling you the story does not meet his ambiguous standards. When I discovered Amazon and how easy they made publishing (and I said the heck with the traditional route. I'm working on my fifth novel a sequel. # # #

Well, I was actually paid for all three. Token payments for 2 of them and one was second place in a writing contest and won 50 dollars. I probably have around 10 stories in all, only the 3 have been published though.