Out of My Mind

from inside my head, the world seems dead, as i lye in my bed, and in this dark time, im still able to rhyme, and say that im fine.

i have always been able to make up rhymes and poems on the spot.  i have been writting stories and books since i was a small child. but latley my creativity has died down, mostly due to my eating disorder.  starvation kills the brain.  luckily i got back into my comfort zone by completing a personal story and a book of poetry about my eating disorder. but then i did a stupid thing. i threw the entire thing away, Every page! in a fit of rage.  but thankfully one of my past therapists made copies of my writing. i just need to send her an email.  i will be glad to post some of my poetry on this site if anyone is interested.  they are mostly about eating disorders.

ashleyray123 ashleyray123
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

I too write poetry,My mother raised us on poetry.I am like you,all I need is one word and go from there.<br />
To turn your thoughts into a rhyme,my family can do it all the time,I like poems that make me smile,thoes sad ones get to me after a while.<br />
To write about the sky so blue ,and the many things I used to do.To start a poem,try passing it to the preson sitting next to you,you will have a poem,that does not make any common sense to you.