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I found a publisher online with free website I have had some of my articles published as pdf files so that they are copyrighted by me They are recorded as my property Only thing they can be downloaded copied that is not what I want but if it helps someone then that is all that matters

It has a list of my other websites and blog titles I think this is a good way to go ebooks are very popular and I have a fan and some reads I think anyway have to find my way on the website

If people find them interesting to read than that is all that matters One day I am going to contact them although I have already asked a question but I do not understand the pdf business but when I go to the Library again or get my other computer working at a hotspot I can check the articles My computer Adobe is down have to put it in again Thingas seem to be looking good and I am on my way to being a true author there is also a way to get on Amazon but I think that you have to pay

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bymypoles bymypoles
May 11, 2012