Again I Talk About My Blogs

I am so happy that I can not contain myself I just found a new or old blog site that I started to use it is There really is not anything new on it I just wanted to check it out and see how much traffic I would get some but not much have to advertise more

Writing again feeling better about myself and just feeling good Writing helps me to focus instead of bouncing off of the walls and shooting up and crashing I feel that this is one of the best things for me I used to write short stories but could never get them finished then of course I kept a journal for years but found out that other people were reading them and they had some personal stuff so I stopped

One snowy day stuck inside at a shelter where I had to go to bad times and one of them I showed my journal to said I should write a book I spent the whole weekend qwriting nonstop and that started the idea of publishing and now I am trying to get published I have ebooks and pdf articles that are copyrighted and owned by me And it is a good thing not constantly putting myself down for things that are beyond my control

So with so many ways to find me it should not be hard to get an audience that will spread I have readers from all countries and it is interesting to see who is reading what so I can write more about that topic right now it is mythology
bymypoles bymypoles
May 13, 2012