My Writing And A New Comment

Posted some blog posts on a new website and I received a comment from one of the authors very exciting I was so happy for the feedback and it was a good comment and I feel so happy and excited and energized to write more

This is my way of getting rid of all the excess energy anger and other negative emotions that go along with being bipolar and facing the daily stressors I slept last night wonder of wonders and am feeling great I am having my last coffee at Dunkin donuts for the month too much money and I do not know what but they put something in it itis very addictive and it is costing too much money But while I am here I will do some research

Being copyrighted and receiving comments in the same week is a rush although I do it for the love of writing it is still wonderful to be appreciated
bymypoles bymypoles
May 20, 2012