A Copyrighted Book

That may not be news to all of you but it is a big achievement for me and a new revelation I found a new website not generating too many comments only 1 so far but a good one Anyway I put one of my blogs there as a book and it turned out to be a book a PDF copyrighted book

I am so happy right about now that I can not contain myself This is what I am meant to do for myself I am doing better even though at times I slip up and go back to old habits they are becomeing less excdept for the coffee but that will change also I am praying for a change in my habits

One way is to concentrate on the things that I am doing writing languages etc. and focus less on outside things that I tend to do also the internet has to slow down except when I am researching and writing

This though everyone should know about if you do not already I have not been with this p[ublisher long it has not even been a month but it seems that there will be an interest in them once I am on google long enough and adbvertise a little more

The name of the website is Booksie.com

You can find me there as bywena and just look at some of the other stuff interesting good reading really must see

So stop by I seem to be advertising the publisher but reallly want more feedback on my blogs or books as I should call them there are also articles about everything I can think of and will be more

Thanks for listening bymypoles; bywena
bymypoles bymypoles
May 20, 2012