Now I Can Say That I Am Published (self)

Now I can say that I am published I decided to self publish and it is free With Amazon so I may be read Hopefully it will work out and I reach an audience I reached with the blogs They are at 4000 pageviews and I feel so excited about it

The publisher I chose is CreateSpace if anyone has dealt with them or are with the now I would appreciate any experience that you have had with them It seems to be ok I checked the fine print and had my brother check also and it does seem to be free I may go with the paid services if I get the right response and readership

This is a wonderful time for me My ego has been battered and bruised and my self esteem was at rock bottom Now I see that it is jealousy and there is no end to it except to move when I want to not when anyone else decides it So right now I have a form to mail and wait No matter how I do it I have to wait I did go back at her (housemate) with some choice words which did not solve the problem at all so I just will ignore it all and report it to the right people

But the publishing part is making my life different and I cannot wait to see the outcome
bymypoles bymypoles
May 27, 2012