The First Manifestations Of Wild Creativity...

When I was a kid in school, some of my teachers would get annoyed because they would catch me from time to time talking a little too much with my fellow students... And sometimes I wouldn't do my home work, as a consequence I would be punished for being a naughty girl (such a lovely punishment!) My teacher would demand that I should sit on a little table just at the very bottom of the room, facing the wall, doing nothing at all, no pencils, no paper, no books... Nothing on the table at all! Can you believe that?! The wonderful thing about a child's mind is... It is just so easy to drift away, being carried away by a world of fantasy where the only limit is your imagination... My imagination isn’t just a tool... It is a key that opens doors to new worlds and experiences, imagination is an extremely dangerous thing.... It turns you into a creator, it gives almost infinite power... But when you drift away by escaping from reality for so long, people wander whether you are a freak or aberration. I was very anti social, my teachers used to worry about me because I wouldn't play with the other kids, I would see them as being pathetic... Anyway... me and that lovely wall... That wall had a very irregular surface, it wasn't smooth or painted in a homogeneous way... Those cracks and wonderful irregularities would give me just what I needed… Try to look at this wall through the eyes of a child, and you would open the door to a new world, diverse landscapes with wild deer and a spectacular view to a mountain pick on the background... But if you push your imagination just a little further - you can feel the wind tossing your hair while stepping over the wet grass just under your feet. You would feel overwhelmed by the fragrance of wild flowers and the beauty of an ever changing sky. Look at this wall through the pure heart of a child, and what people think about you has no influence or any power over you anymore, because you have "created" a place where you are yourself and feel loved and accepted by who you are! Absolute perfection in an imperfect world! You have painted your meaning of perfection with the colours of your imagination over an imperfect wall! How ironic is life, isn't it ?! You are no longer in a little noisy classroom full of noisy kids... no longer chained to a boring, grey reality you don’t wish to be part of! You are free, by simply gazing into the beauty of every irregularity of that boring, old wall. The ultimate "oxymoron"!
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Jan 8, 2011