The Dimension Of Antoth Pt. 1

"He's been gone for a long time," I said, looking over my shoulder to the door behind me. "Yea, well, who cares?" said Lucille. I never cared much for her, she had always seemed much more interested in herself, than anything else. Her dirty blonde hair hung just above her shoulders, barely long enough to swing around her face, as she turned and gave me the briefest of uncaring glances. Ladomar had always been fairly punctual, arriving to, or from his destinations within five, or ten minutes of the appointed time, even when he was at his latest. He'd been gone for over an hour, already, and he had only left to go smoke a cigarillo. Lucille, and her live-in boyfriend William never allowed him to smoke indoors, as they despised the scent, and being the respectful person that he is, he never pushed the issue, even though William was 2-pack a day smoker of cigarettes, and always smoked inside. "Well, I'm gonna go check up on him, I'm getting a little worried," I said, getting up from the table, where I sat with Lucille and William playing poker. "Finish this hand first," said Lucille, in her bossy self-centered way. She'd never been like that when we were kids, but I think now, that she was just afraid of being sent back to the Children's home, to await another pair of adoptive parents. "Ok, I'm getting ready to leave anyway," I said, "I'll finish this hand, then go find Ladomar, and take off. I've got an early start tomorrow, anyway." "Whatever," Lucille sneered. I let her snotty attitude slide, and finished the game. I don't even remember who won now, but I remember that no one really said "Goodbye" to me as I walked out the door, and into the back yard to find my friend. We'd been very close as children, but lately we hadn't seen much of each other until about 2 months ago, when we reconnected at a sporting goods store. As I look back on it, I realize that it wasn't happenstance, but still I don't know if it was planned, or if it was just fate. As I trudged out into the dark woods, behind William and Lucille's shabby old house, a feeling came over me that felt as if my life were about to completely change. I couldn't tell if it would be for the better, or for the worse, but I somehow knew, even then, that things were about to get a whole lot more interesting, than I could have imagined. But I'm getting ahead of myself. After not quite an hour of searching, I found myself somewhat lost in the woods. It wouldn't have concerned me, if it hadn't been so dark that night. The woods were relatively small, so I had no fear of being harmed, or lost for any length of time, but something about the darkness of the forest that evening, seemed a bit over the top. Like someone was making it darker. I stumbled around, until I found myself in a rather odd clearing. The oddity came in 2 parts, the first being the fact that it looked perfectly symmetrical, almost as though it had been cleared out by human hands, although there were no stumps, nor any sign of another human having even been there in the past hundred years. The second thing that I found rather unsettling, was that Ladomar and I, had explored just about every inch of this woods and had never seen anything like this before. (We often preferred each other's company to that of Lucille, William, or any of their "friends.") As I walked into the center of the clearing, I noticed that there was a perfectly rounded stone, that reached about 7 feet high, in the middle. Ladomar walked around the far side of it, and smiled, as he reached out his hand. "Laddy!" I exclaimed, (this was a nickname he only allowed his closest friends to use,) "Where the devil have you been all this time?!" "Hello Hallam! I was expecting that you would be the first to come searching!" Something seemed off about him. He wasn't looking me straight in the eye, which he always did, and he never called me "Hallam" it was always just "Hal." "I cannot explain in detail, but suffice it to say, that I am not standing here, in front of you," he said, walking around to the flat face of the rock. "This is only an illusion" he stated, pausing as if to choose his next words carefully, "You could call it a sort of 'Psychic hologram' that has been activated by your presence." I began laughing. "How many of those mushrooms did you eat, man?" He didn't seem to notice my speaking to him, and went on. "I need you to do something for me. I left a dagger under my car seat, and I need you to bring it to me." "But wait! Don't go yet," he said, as I started to turn around to head back to the parking lot, which seemed miles away now. "I need you to watch me, and do exactly as I do." He faced the front of the giant stone, and held out his hand, pointing to it. And that, is precisely when my head began to spin, because his finger began to glow a very bright blue. He ran his finger through the air, and it left a faintly glowing trail, but nothing like when he touched the rock. It was intensely bright, but didn't seem to hurt my eyes any. He traced a rather simple group of runes on the rock. (I could easily remember them, because we had both learned to write in runes as children, in order to send coded messages to one another, when we were apart.) "Once you've retrieved the dagger, trace these runes on this EXACT spot, on the rock, and then walk through, and you'll find yourself in another place, a place that you cannot possibly imagine, a place of infinite wonder. Once there, you will need to find a man named 'Vorn' who will act as your guide once you've arrived. You may not believe me now, but please do as I ask, and when you find Vorn, do precisely as he suggests to you. He will be the only one with your best interests at heart. And thank you my friend. I truly hope that we will be together soon, and I can explain everything." Then he vanished right into the rock. Still dumbfounded, I realized that the moon had come out, and was shining through the trees. It gave me enough light to return to the car, and check under his seat. I found an old looking knife there, that had some strange marking on the handle, but after what I'd just witnessed, I didn't really think that it was too strange. I made my way back into the woods, my head somewhat clearer now. I had no clue what was going to happen, as I traced the runes he'd shown me on the face of the boulder, but I knew two things. One, Ladomar was my closest, and truest friend, and Two, if I was to find him, I would need to be prepared for any number of strange occurrences. As I finished tracing the runes, and stepped through the glowing portal that had opened on the rock's face, I knew that my past state of boredom, would not be returning anytime soon...

To be continued...

Author's note: Please ask permission if you post this to any other sites, and give me credit. Thanks for reading, and if you've made it this far, tell me what you think, and if you want more!
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Needs to be paragraphed, but not bad, not bad.

Interesting, could be expanded in and of itself.
Set-up for a novel.

Thanks, I am going to write more, and continue the story.

wow I loved it. you're such a good writer. even though this is not really my genre I actually want to read more! btw where did you come up with the name Hallam xD

And thank you very much! xD

Oh wait. You said Hallam. I'm a dumbass, lol! Ladomar is the Hungarian one, Hallam is Irish, lol! :P

no problem! is it gunna be a mystery?? or more harry potter-esque?

I dunno, tbh. It just comes to me, whenever I write, or imagine something, it's almost like I'm channeling it, lol! So I never really know how it's gonna turn out, lol! This is planned to be more of an adventure, but it could go either way.

wow :P interesting.

I love adventure stories.

Me, too, lol! I'm pretty interested to see where this comes out, too. It's kinda hard to focus though. There's always people trying to talk to me, and tv on, and stuff, lol!

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