In the introduction all I can say is, its a real story very close to me.

The story's end is still pending as the characters are still living in these situations..... I hope you enjoy these series of experiences that my characters had and are still having... I will keep posting every week. I hope I get to hear about your opinions. Thank You.

Chapter 1

About 2 years, 1 month and 21 days ago

It was the martini or her guts when she finally accepted: yes I do love him.Walking out from the John Hancock’s 96th floor- signature lounge- she was fighting hard not to give in and let out her feelings.She was sure that he loved her, but she knew that time has never been on her side. What if this never worked out? What if she was left alone, again? What ifs and what ifs. Come on, she thought I love this guy, I really do. So when he asked her that if he could give her a little kiss on her lips, her answer was yes.
Just a little touch of lips nothing really is going to happen, she thought.That’s when she felt a spark with the touch of his lips. Her head was spinning and heart beat was racing as high as it gets when you have been running on a treadmill for hour and a half. And she was pretty sure this is not the martini effect: this was the soft touch of his lips, which brought her feelings out. She replied his soft touch of lips with the fierce feeling inside her. She kissed him. A real kiss! The martini smell, the sweet wet sensation of his tongue touched hers and she was on fire. She couldn't stop kissing him. And she loved the way he held her and replied her in his way of kissing. She vaguely remembers him muttering anything like, people are watching. But she didn't care, she was in love. This time she was not letting this go out of her hand, because she knows he loves her and she believes in him that he will never hurt her. She would accept anything for him. At that moment she knew she will love this man all her life no matter what. They hailed a cab to get back to work; sitting in the backseat she just could not stop kissing him. Finally she hugged him, resting her head on his broad chest, she felt so good and open. She had been holding her real self-inside since the time he expressed his feelings to her. She was in confusion if she should have kissed him, or will this mean anything to him.
His answer made her inside jump in joy. He told her that no one ever had kissed him the way she did. He told her how much he loves her. Her way of loving people, how caring she is, her spontaneous personality and the way she is. She couldn't believe, this was exactly the love she had been waiting for.- A person who cared and loved her the way she is- stupid, illogical, and immature.
She was a die- heart romantic girl. For her it was all about: love! Even if it did not made any sense, even if the whole situation was entirely illogical- she didn't care. All she wanted in her life was to have someone who loved her for who she was. Simple and plain, she was an average looking girl. Finding someone like that in this world was just impossible, and she knew this very well: she was a crazy person, and as crazy as she was it was a real challenge, if she ever did found someone like that.Never would she have met anyone like him. He was the definition of love for her.
He made her feel beautiful just by his presence and his way of looking at her.And the most important part was that he was her friend.Her best friend she can always depend on. They had had some amazing time together as friends.
She never used to have drinks, but she was someone else with him. She was more open, more daring, and more talkative than usual.He used to bring out one whole other girl in her. She never thought that she would be falling in love with her boss for crying out loud. All of her friends warned her she will fall for him; she wasn't thinking about it before he expressed his feelings.Now she was thinking what will be the reaction of her friends. They will be against this relationship, mingling around your boss and dating someone who is a bit older than you are, is not a good idea. But who cares about them I know what I want, I know who he is, and I know I love him.Age? Screw age! He is more younger and fun than any of the guys I ever knew. He is the perfect guy for me and I love him, she thought.

Before the amazing kiss- about 3 weeks earlier

It all started when they agreed on a bet. Raj-her boss- was 5’8, he was very cute, had a very impressive personality, he was very charming and very friendly. But Aisha always teased him about being a little over weight. She did it for fun, but she knew one thing for sure, he was hot.They used to hang out a lot; they shared very good memories together. Raj owned a restaurant and was a chef as well. One evening, having finished all the work Aisha was standing beside the counter when Raj came up with this idea, he said what if we had a bet. She asked what you want to bet on. He said what if I lose the extra weight and you ……. Well you let me give you a kiss, on your lips for one minute. She started laughing, and they kept talking about it. She suggested him that you should be a little realistic; I’m so not doing this. He explained his reason, how motivated he will be and etc. etc. after a while she gave in and accepted. But she knew she will deny once he wins. The date and time was decided. It may not have been the most exciting 3 weeks of their life, if she hadn't agreed.
She saw Raj taking the bet so seriously that he was working out most of the day. She tried her best to divert him to get him to go out and waste his time. But he always went out on one condition if she will add a day to his limited time. And here you will see how stupid she was, she always agreed. Maybe deep down she did wanted him to win, or she really wanted to spend more time with him.
Whatever that was, they were having the time of their life. He was very attentive to her. She never realized it at that time, but she loved it when he used to look at her while she was talking. Giving her all his attention, like there was no one else around except her.
He took her to all the places she always wanted to go. As she was 20, not a legal age to drink,that made it more fun for them. He looked out for her when she wanted to take a sip from his drink. They had amazing fun, by drinking secretly in public. As coming from a very strict Islamic country and been raised up in a dos and don’ts environment, for Aisha alcohol was a big NO. Like caps lock and high-lighted number one thing on the DONTS list- yet she started tasting it with him. Within 2, 3 large sips she used to be drunk. And they used to sit along all day making fun of people or checking out girls and guys.
Days were passing and Raj was working very hard towards his workouts. She noticed the difference in his physical appearance and thought he is hot. Just a little thing made so much of difference. He was a handsome man.
Then finally the day came when he got drunk on Dushera (Hindu Festival) and told her how he felt. He told her he loves her a lot. She was shocked. She couldn't believe her ears; it was too much to take in. She told him that, she never thought of him in that way, and it’s just not possible. Both of us belong to different worlds and him being a very special case. He said he didn't care; he would manage anything and everything to have her in his life, if only she loves him, she said no it’s not possible. It didn't ruin their friendship or anything, but she wondered most of the time if this happens what will be the result. But logic always forced her to get back to her senses. This won’t work out. But something inside her wanted to believe in him, believe in his words and believe in his love that was tempting her to go against everything she ever believed in and learnt.
The days passed and before she knew, she was falling for the handsome and breathtaking Raj. Everything about him was drawing her towards him. After that day he never mentioned about his feelings to her again, but always flirted in a friendlier way. She couldn't stop thinking how things would be with him, if we were to be in a relationship and she knew the answer quite well. Things will be perfect, life will be amazing, and we both will be happy forever. Before the bet was over- one week was still pending, he took her to the restaurant she always wanted to go- at least once- the signature room on the 95th floor of John Hancock. They weren't able to have lunch as the timings for the restaurant were till 2:00 pm. But they found a table to sit in the lounge on the floor above. They talked and she realized, she wants to be in his life, more than just a friend. She wants him and his love and she wants him to love him all his life like the way he does now.
Will he change? No! He will never change, she thought. He is going to be my loving panda always. Then she thought OMG what am I thinking?
I’m in love. Oh my God!
I’m so in love with this guy sitting across me. Shall I tell him?
She wanted to take this chance, she wanted to live this moment to the fullest, and she wanted to be in love with him forever. The charmer sure did charm me inside out. So she took the chance in the elevator when his lips softly touched hers.

after the kiss

The way he held her in the cab, she was 101% sure this guy is always going to love me. Every touch of his made her feel how much he loves her. She thought he won’t change a bit. She was so sure about him. She knows what she wants, and he is mature enough to understand what he wants in his life. He will never leave her or change. Aisha is determined she is never going to change her way of loving him. And this is what he wants from her, to love him forever. I’m so lucky to have a love I always wanted to have, she thought. But there was a always the guilt that came in between and the gut feeling which said it is a road full of pain, suffering and judgments- which will be taken against her. But if this is so wrong, thought Aisha, then why is it happening with me? I never imagined of doing this, coming in someone’s life like this. How can I get out of this? But it was too late for her; she already had such strong feelings for Raj that she couldn't possibly ignore it. She wanted to have him in his life even if it meant a compromise of life.
Aisha was a girl who never ran after money, status or social life. She just wanted to have someone who loves her, who respects her feelings and who loves her even if she is wrong. And she found all these things in Raj; she never thought she would be this lucky to have such a great guy in her life. She feared what if something happens and she lose all this happiness? But she always knew Raj is never going to let her go. He is always going to love her, he will never leave her alone, and he will never hurt her. Ever. Aisha was very sure about her life with Raj she didn't see the future dissolving. She was so confident of Raj’s love that she forgot: time always creates some problem for her. She was madly in love, but only those who have been or are in her place could understand what she was going through.
She was too busy loving Raj that she wasn't aware she is going to lose everything when this period of time ends- she was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. She didn't ever imagined things to change. She was crazy living in her own world where just love exits between her and Raj. But fate held something else for her……
TO be continued …
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