I Was

Of all three, I did them all. I use to write poetry, short stories, and novels. Though, I never tried to get any of my work published. And many of them I keep on my hard-drive, unread by others. And a few I had made into public websites to entertain others. :-)

I don't wish to be published, even though I'm told I would make an excellent writer. But money and fame don't appeal to me much. Even though it's true that there are a few things in life I would like to have, but am unable to afford it (dental work and trips around the world), BUT still.. Money has never been a real motivator for me, ever.

I use to write, only for the sole purpose of entertaining myself and family. I don't write much anymore, since I've discovered that I only write good material when I'm overly depressed and suicidal. As a happy person now, my writing sucks! A small price to pay in exchange a better life, I think! :-D

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1 Response Nov 12, 2008

i desperatly want someone, anyone to read my poems and such. i have a couple hundred of them on allpoetry.com