Words Set Me Free

 I am a slightly pudgy middle aged woman ,who has lived a very hard life. Not to say this isn't true of 99% of all of us in this world today, but I am a survivor of many harsh and horrible experiences in my life time.  Through all of it I have always been a dreamer ,who put it down on paper.  I never though my words would inspire anyone.  I just like playing with words.  I think it comes from my great love of Reading.  Anyway last year I had the great honor of having (2) poems published by Kent State U. and to tell the truth I am still in awe.  I think I'm a bit weird in my writings because if I'm in a bad or sad mood I write beautiful poems and the op posit is true if I happen to be in a good mood. The writings are dark and morose.  Does anyone else have problems like this ?


RestlessHousewife RestlessHousewife
Jun 22, 2009