Who Wrote"the Congo"?

When I was in the fifth grade I had a music  teacher give me a poem called "THE CONGO" and  remembered it as is.........".Fat Black Bucks in a wine barreled room ,barrel house Kings with feet unstable ,sagged and realed and pounded on the table , pounded on the table, beat an empty barrel with the handle of a broom,  hard as they were able boomlay boom,boom boom. With a silk umbrella and the handle of a broom , boomlay,boomlay,boomlay boom  , then I had a vision then I had religion, I could not turn from the revelindirision, then I heard the CONGO creeping through the black ,cutting through the Jungle with a  golden track , then along the river banks a thousand miles tatooed canibals danced in files, then I heard the BOOM of a BLOODLESS song and a thigh bone beatng on a tin pan gong, "BLOOD" screamed the whistles and the fights of the warriors" BLOOD" screamed the  skull face lean witch doctors ,whirl the the deady voodoo rattel ..BOOM,BOOM,BOOM.
 This was only a portion of the poem given to me however I took it to the river banks "really a nearby creek" and with dog Pal I read it over and over memorizing it as best I could , I can't remember who wrote this CONGO but if you know please tell me if you will. I have performed this in frnt of my family as a rap and I can see it is a perfect rap ,don't you agree.

It had been said I was retarded and just couldn't grasp learning but as for myself I refused to accept that diagnosis and thank God this music teacher didn't  either.

Thank you for your reply on my  question , I remember now ..".THE CONGO" was written by Vachel Lindsay 

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I have heard of teachers thinking that about kids who were dyslexic before they were diagnosed as such. You did good not believing them!!! Ignore lables!! fight them at every turn! That is a good poem. I'd like to hear it sung to music :) I can imagine a funky vooo doo beat :) xox

Vachel Lindsay