Am I Fit To Be Called A Writer?

So many people nowadays scribble poems when their depressed, doddle tiny stories of a made up fantasy and call themselves writers. Am I fit to own the title? The fact of the matter is, writing was my second choice. I picked it up because the images in my head couldn't be shown through a paintbrush. At seven years old painting a detailed close up of four muscular horses racing through a green pasture with the wind whipping through their manes wasn't just going to appear on my paper. No matter how much I yelled at my two dollar crayola paint set. So I described what I saw, and I wrote it. And I loved it, I wrote stories as easily as I told them. For me, second grade English was a disappointment if I didn't have creative writing. But as much praise as my writing gets from various poets and authors alike am I fit to wear the crown made of paper and graphite? I can never finish a story. Inspiration strikes in the middle of one idea and the other is forgotten. And nothing is ever good enough to have an ending. The idea is all there. The characters, their transformations and chemistry with one another, the conflicts and jokes and the cliff hanger ending.. but it never appears. New ideas, new stories or a sudden boredom that washes over me, waist deep in the plot.

The same goes with reading. Engrossed with tales of magical fantasies that never can come true, their pain intertwined with my own, as I sob for people who never existed. Yet now, I own stacks and stacks of unopened covers. Is there a law that states a writer must write constantly, or a reader must be hidden behind a book at all times? Certainly not. But why do I feel as though I am betraying my two greatest passions when I decide to sew or sculpt? Despite hobbies that give way to the old, you never forget your first love, right? And I do return to them. So why do I feel unfit to proclaim "I am a Writer" or "I love to Read"?
Pierduta Pierduta
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Good writers are avid readers<br />
<br />
& know the value of rewrites<br />
<br />
No harm going back to an unfinished project & see if more progress can be made<br />
<br />
Some writers do prefer to work on different episodes of varied projects to bring variety into their day, their week<br />
<br />
Ever google, free online creative writing courses & big prize competitions ??<br />
<br />
Online writers groups - or local face to face ones - are a great help to many<br />
<br />
I go to 3 weekly discussion groups of

Just try finishing one story at a time. Don't focus on the title of being a writer just wright. A real writer would rather focus on their story's than a name. <br />
Best of luck<br />