Finding Time

I love writing, it is such a great feeling. It comes naturally to me.

But when you are a young male supporting your young family it is so difficult to fit everything in. Prioritising is hard when you travel an hour to work, an hour back, then there are chores to do and when you finally have time to yourself your brain is far from capable to contributing to that page.

That said I have great ideas I am putting into a notebook. I suppose when I find time later in life when things slow down I will put those ideas to the page. I will also have so much more experience to evolve into my writings.
Rook09 Rook09
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Yes, it is very exciting when you get something you wrote published, even if it is for just a trade magazine [circulation 60,000 though]. I also did a screenplay that was done by a high school film production class. That was fun too. Youtube videos are also a great way to write and get exposure. I got more than 50,000 total views with just three silly little videos. Being self-employed, I have a little more time that the next guy to write. Even with that though, I am not very prolific. Keep Plugging.

Hello.... I like to write stories down also and I know at times it can be hard. "But" keep on writting you will maybe get one of your stories published and that would be really wonderful. Follow your "Heart"...Good Luck......Anto815

You can always get a voice recorder. I would use one if I worked, I'm retired. Good luck to you.<br />