Amateur Author The With The Best Of Intent.

I'm a writer, else I wouldn't be here, unless I wanted to seem well educated on my profile... *shiftily gazes eyes across the room*.

I think to say I'm an actual writer is an over statement of my abilities, or at least my focus. I'm a Musician, really, but I dabble in most art forms. I suppose older generations would consider me a general doss about, and I suppose they may be right. Who can tell really?

I guess I wanted to jot down a quick story to say hi to the community at this experience, and see if I could pick up a few tricks of the trade, to develop myself as an artist.

Currently, I'm (re) working on a story I wrote years ago. I lost the original computer draft, finding only a few notes the other day and decided I wanted to revive the tale. This is probably for the best, art is never finished, and I feel I could do a better job this time round. I can't remember the entirety of the plot, but I feel I have some new ideas that are even better than the original.

The basic synopsis is the same; It's a story about a happy little fish, who could never wear a frown, who enters a journey through completely un related events. This develops... actually, I have to stop here for spoilers sake ;D.

The original was, in part, used as an opportunity to delve into the surreal areas, when I was begging for inspiration with other projects. It really helped me then, I remember really enjoying writing and reading the original so I feel it deserves a re write.

Any tips or tricks from the professionals? Would it be worth posting up snippit's as I write for feedback here? Are these genuine questions or rhetorical?

Only time will tell. Only time... will tell.


MisterA MisterA
22-25, M
Aug 12, 2010