My Passion, My Me

Each day I find myself writing stories; some compelling and some funny. I had gotten out of writing for many years, but I find that I have lots of time on my hands I got back to my passion, writing. I can remember taking my extra money I earned from babysitting and buying paper, pencils and binders to keep my stories in. My mother had an old standard typewriter that I took very good care of that I would write short stories on. I made sure I had ribbon and paper to nurture my craft as early as age 10. I don't know if my family thought it was a fad but they encouraged it and I can recall my mother taking me to an opening of a magazine that featured a poem I had written. There were other artist there and me. I was so pleased to have my work published. My mother had driven 200 miles for me to meet the other people featured in the magazine. As years have gone by I have written poetry collections, received requests to edit homework, had my poetry be a requirement for a college course and publish a few collections that actually sold for 10 bucks. This was big for me back int he 90's. I had seemed to get beside myself in the late 90's and lost some passion for poetry. I still do love it but it's not as prevalent as my passion for short stories is now. I find myself typing about my day and before I know it I've typed a chapter about the most amazing life. My life. I'm working on my first professionally published book with a group of ladies and I'm excited about it. Once the first is published I know there will be others. I never thought I could write a complete book similar to most accomplished authors but partnering with other writers, we have come up with some great pieces to include in a book. We hope to be published by March 2012 and this will definitely go on my bucket list. I hope that people reading this know that their passion can be their reality. If you have a story and it's not enough, just find a few other writers to partner with and you can publish your own book. Don't let your dream die.
chrystalflanders chrystalflanders
Nov 28, 2011