Really, A Writer?

Writers are carnal bastards that talk with their fingers. We live to tell everything. We live to expose our soft under bellies because we are all shameless exhibitionists. We are profoundly sensitive and we care too much, but, oddly, we won’t answer the phone when our best friend calls because we are sleighed in the spirit of our selfish little characters~ who are in reality our truest “best friends.”

We’re so egotistical that we think our very thoughts are newborn suggestions that the world has yet to experience. We all foolishly reckon that our ideas are unique, and that our minds are tragic playgrounds well worthy of quotation marks. In short, we think we are God and as long as our fingers are moving, we are, and this makes us drunk with happiness.

We are like a bunch of venal children all shamelessly rolling up our sleeves, showing off our big emotional muscles. We spend whole years trying to tell an elaborate lie couched within an elegant truth, and we yammer on about what a curse it is to live in our own heads.
Most of us never get anything notable published. They say to be an idiot is to keep doing the same thing with the same results, but, we keep doing the same thing and generally, we keep getting the same results, but, we are in so madly in love with ourselves, or in hate with ourselves, that there is little time for much else in our world.

I imagine writers are generally well heated lovers, we aren’t much good for anything else. After all, most of our day is spent in fantasy. We are big on “detail” work, and we are disgustingly vulgar, if we are any good at all at what we do.
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Did you write this ? It strikes me as quite descriptive and forthright. Well done.

I agree that writers are carnal bastards but they r also storytellers of people's life's and understand people's different natures. It's a curse and and a pleasure

I agree with what you have said, we are the storytellers of the world, without us no one would know what was going on in others minds and hearts, we are the tool that puts it down on paper so that others may learn about themselves, for some of us, it comes easily, for me it is just there when I start the sentence, without effort, I may call myself a writer, but it is not me who writes, but a force larger than me, call it life experience, call it connecting to my soul, call it whatever you choose, I am just the one whose fingers fly across the page trying to capture the feelings and thoughts, and then I sit back amazed at what I have written, no I am not a channeler for another, what comes out is my own and belongs to me, but the writer must be my soul as I am not capable of putting theses thoughts down on paper by myself, but I welcome it's help and talent, and make myself available when it chooses to write, so am I a Writer? Or is my Soul?

The name of this site says it all, I guess.<br />
<br />
But it’s crack. I quit yesterday and tried to copy some of my best Dorito taco lines but it was all gone. And I saw this area and I am back on the drug scene. At least I’m a fast learner.<br />
<br />
Oh no! I guess I’ll just have to buy some kind of software that lets you write things not on a stupid web page text window.<br />
<br />
I hate being able to just sit and type the exact thoughts I am having as I had them. But I never said I made them up as I typed them. Well, sometimes I add a little zinger now and again, probably less often then.<br />
<br />
It’s like when you first get a big screen TV. You flip through the channels and are amazed at how crisp the picture is, how big everything looks. You watch a bunch of your movies and maybe invite some people over to watch with you.<br />
<br />
I came here in search of answers to my problems and saw nothing but. I always hated the word “blogging” because it just doesn’t sound right. Columnist. That’s something you can hang your coat and hat on.<br />
<br />
The irony is that there is no irony and the punch line is that there isn’t one. I’m going to smack that Jack Benny next time I see him.<br />
<br />
One who writes asks people to read what they've written. People ask to read a writer.<br />
<br />
Just had to get those out of my head. Now I am be free to go be me.

oops! sorry, i meant me tooo!!!!!

Thanks for sharing, blessings.

:-) thank you for dropping in here!

hahahahaha! I do not agree with anything you said.........but I love your stubborn spirit in believing that you are right.........most refreshing!! like an oasis in the desert.......thank you for sharing!.......giggles

Well, it's true for me, and I've known at least one best selling author...this gal is far more of a writer than I will ever be...and this describes her very well! Thanks for the long as you read it, I am happy even if you disagree!!! ;-D

I love that you love that I disagree and do not take offense......that is one of many steps to your greatness as a writer.......beautiful......

Bless you! x

And people scoff when I tell them that the pen & pad are my best friends. Well, I scoff at them. If only they knew!! lol Good one!!

teehee.....I am so happy that you understand!

you wrote with your fingers so does that make you a bastards cousin?

:-D funny...I think so

i am a writer myself, however, i try not to lose myself into my selfish opinions that which sometimes aren't exactly right when compared to reality.<br />
<br />
for one thing, i made a habit to learn from the people surrounding me because like what my theology teacher says "we only have a part of "truth" so it is our duty to respectfully find other parts of the truth from others because that is the meaning of finding the whole truth" <br />
<br />

a truth to be sure~blessings.

Oh you may have turned me off my hobby.<br />
I read this thinking that's not me but the further I read the more ticks I accrude.<br />
Oh ******* it is me.<br />
<br />
I'm going to sulk now ;-)

Laughing and feeling compassion for you!

I'm having a little trouble with "the truth" but, as soon as I get over this "issue" I am having with my main character, I will be peachy!

I hope so too HIkingman! I laugh, then I sigh....thank you very much! :-)

Good One Hikingman! ;-)