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The following is something you would see if you made a visit to my very own little slice of the internet pie. I've already made a written offering to this experience group but while wondering when I would find the time to update my website, I realized that this particular write is practically perfect for this group, so, well, here you have it..


This blog is a glimpse at just a few of the thoughts that

pass through the corridors of my mind on a regular basis.

.. and despite my best efforts, words don’t always do them justice.

-- Consider yourself warned.

Analysis On Writing
Saturday, August 6, 2011

For me, writing is a form of intellectual and emotional intimacy with ones own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and self. It is a way of documenting the good, the bad, the ugly, and all that lies between them. In a way, writing is a tool and the skilled writer is an artist.

I have been expressing myself through writing for almost as long as I’ve been able to spell. My thoughts have been a constant companion of mine throughout my life and as such, my written archives contain pieces of me that I occasionally look back on with sadness or regret. But I am not a professional or trained writer and my words are not who or what I am. They are merely the documented form of my existence as it flows through me by way of my emotions. They linger within me just long enough to filter back out again and be replaced with something new.

The writer is only one half of the equation though. The reader? Well, that is another bird entirely.

The reader, as I have been forced to realize, often mistakes the intimacy that the writer is sharing with his or herself and presumes that it is being shared with them. Words can be seductive. Like music, they have the power to push buttons deep within us that even we ourselves did not know existed and once the button has been pushed, a standard has been set. The reader now has an expectation and as such, they may find themselves disappointed after a while. This is especially true when it comes to reading a blog, which is (at least for myself) a journal of sorts. And when my weaknesses begin to flow out as fluidly as my previously perceived “strengths” once did, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Will they accept and understand that the weaknesses are a naturally occurring part of everyone’s life, including mine, or will they become cynical and “judgmental”?

Only time will tell.

What the reader must never do is assume that because they have read someone’s thoughts that they know what the writers intentions, or “true” feelings were during the writing process. For instance, in a previous blog, I made the statement that I missed the “passion” of my youth. I used the word to describe the general intensity that once defined my whole personality so well but later on, I was accused of expressing “sexual desire” instead. The accusation, however, spoke volumes more about the accuser than it did of the accused. It not only exposed their rather “dirty” state of mind, but it also exposed their poor grasp of the English language.

[So, ladies, gentlemen, lecherous fools and to whom it may concern: Please understand one thing about me before you ever presume that my words or train of thought imply anything even remotely, shall we say, “amorous”. I am not that kind of girl. I never have been, I never will be, and quite frankly, shame on anyone guilty of thinking it.]

Sadly, people like this happen to my writing fairly regularly and are something of an accepted and somewhat necessary evil, because whenever someone expresses themselves, there is always a chance that they will be misunderstood. Still, if you can help it, please don’t be that person.

In the end, writing is not always what it seems. I cannot stress this enough to my readers, because just like television is an inaccurate way of expressing real events, writing is rarely ever a full description of the events or emotions it is attempting to convey. Even the most self aware of writers will struggle to remain honest and true with themselves over time and it would do others well to bear this fact in mind.

Writing is an art-form and reading it can be a powerful experience, but as you follow my blog or that of any other, I urge you to consider the aforementioned and often over-looked aspects of the writing and reading process. Never forget that even the best of us is only human and prone to error.

And when it comes to me specifically be ready ahead of time to see something that you may not like, agree with or appreciate. It is not my intention to offend or upset my readers but I am more interested in remaining true to myself than I am in providing entertainment.

With all of that said, and with tongue firmly in cheek..

Happy reading. <3"
Intelligently Intelligently
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6 Responses Apr 6, 2012

Hey there Ms, what a true and genuine pleasure to stumble upon this gem. I can't begin to explain to you (although I strongly suspect that you will not only understand and recognize, but also sympathize with me) how many times my (in your case, your) written words have built fictitious worlds to third parties (aka, our readers) such a vivid and painful extent, that readers start believing and personalizing what their minds see.
How clever of one's Personal interpretation to effectively deceive the mind.
I have been threaten and/or insulted after certain viewers have read certain posts. I find that readers immerse themselves in written worlds to the point in which they make it all too personal...the story seems to somehow mold and conform itself as it imbeds within the reader's existing psyche. Someway, somehow...I am writing to them, about them...and if the right note is played I get an emotional knee-jerk reaction...
Sure, there are points of inspiration that spark a line...but, once a story is in's soaring on its own energy and accord.

I, too, have forewarned readers not to fully believe what they read.
My warnings, at times, just seem to be nothing shy of just some mumble jumble gibberish or undesired rhetoric.

To follow my conscious flow, is an unforgiving and dangerous expedition.
If a readers gets persuaded and seduced by that onslaught....of words, down my raging intense...
its becomes an inevitable fate to drown in its relentless path.
It's reckless, and gloriously tragic to say the least...
Nonetheless, indicative of a well written thought.

Loved this post, and it truly is my pleasure to come across your post.
I look forward to reading more of your world.
Perhaps, just perhaps, you may help spark and incite some long overdue new inspiration.
I seem to be stalled in my creative department...I need a new injection of life behind my words.
Who knows, maybe I have been hexed by a scorned reader...

Have a great day Ms Intelligent-ly,
Mr Fe +

You have some beautiful observations about writing, which many do not realise or understand. YES.. writing is manifestation of thoughts or snapshot of the mind, using which we create an album.. YES.. a writer is an artist as we draw our thoughts out and il-lust-rate them through words.. and yes we do have the right to get lusty with our words.. and over time we become an author as in authority in what we write.

But don't like the part where you are trying to reason with the reader. Never explain or reason, especially when you don't get the due respect. Readers too start life as jerks and need time to mature. Just ignore and keep expressing what you feel.

Happy writing.

I personally think, BJ, that after reading your opinions, you're not willing to accept the fact that I explicitely said that I am not the type of girl to write about my more "amorous" desires. Those things are NO ONES business but my own and in sharing with them strangers, I shudder to think at what those strangers would do with the information. <br />
<br />
Men are too easy in my opinion. They are zero sexual challenge and many will have sex with as many women who will have them. When you show up on my write in which I warn AGAINST men taking my words the wrong way and then try to tell me that it is I who chose the wrong words, you are in my opinion the type of person who needs to give up your addiction to lust and focus more on the person than you do on what you would like to do to them in the confines of a bedroom.<br />
<br />
The word Passion was created in reference to the intensity and painful act of love that He did at Calvary to choose salvation, even when it meant his death. The passion He experiences involved LOVE -- not sex or any form of sexual intimacy. It was love in a pure form. Love of life, Love of humanity, Love of His Father. And when I use the term, THAT image is what comes to mind. <br />
<br />
Is it the innate perverse nature of most men in general that has twisted and disorted that meaning into something sexual and lustful. You've exposed yourself as being that variaety of person. Meanwhile, I have still shown time and time again that I am not that kind of girl and that sexual attention from strangers will never convince me otherwise. You see what you want to see because you think it,I'm pretty and it suits your purposes to imagine that I want you to think lustful thoughts. When in fact, I find it somewhat repulsive, hence my earlier request NOT to take my words that way.<br />
<br />
I think I'm just about finished expounding on these things though. I'll just handle it the old fashioned way and block you from further trying to tell me that even though I make no bones about my -not- wanting sexual attention, that you somehow think I just need a guy like you to convince me that it's exactly what really do want it. <br />
<br />
Sexual attention is something I have to suffer through in the real world. Online though, It is absolutely not tolerated. <br />
<br />
Sorry about your luck.

And thank you so much for reading and for your kind words, tenente. :)

"Excerpt." Delete this reply after editing the title.

"Wow"? I'm assuming you're blown away by my ability to say an awful lot of words in one story.

No I am merely intrigued by your skill as a writer and noticed the contextual anomaly as such one person not understanding the word "passion" in the context you had placed it was quite intriguing surely this response was included in your meaning though vulgar your 'passion' would refer to in a small part sexual energy but as you say things aren't always as they seem.

Right. Passion (as a word) was never intended to be related to sexual energy. Men especially like to draw such correlations though for their own personal enjoyment. When it comes to so many things in life, people see what they wish to see. Word meanings, included.

Yes that is true but still the fact still remains it can be safely interpreted that what you mean for the reader to understand is something that is in bedded in your writing otherwise if a certain piece of writing could have 100 different meanings but it is the perogative of the writer to make known the intentions of the word it it all well and good to say most men and women could draw that conclusion as passion is word already strongly linked with sex and then you go and say "youth" where it is safe to say that many people not just fools would make the mistake of combining them to assume sexual intentions as a human though in a small part but still it's hard to believe when you wrote "passion" you considered its meaning fully because sex is part of who we are so subconsciously perhaps it is implied no matter how small you meant it the implacations are still though I thoroughly enjoyed your writing and views thank you for writing this would love to see more :)