Untitled - Reconciliation After I Finished My Bsc

He stood staring over his lush garden that came to a halt where the gorge started; kids' laughter in the background and the friendly lick of his dog found his hand. Would he live tomorrow? The future was too uncertain. All the money he gained could sum to nothing to what he lost, his partner. How quick they disappeared. How quick would he disappear, watching a bubble float past and burst.
What had he achieved?
Had he done enough?
Would he be remembered?
Another sip of the worlds' finest whiskey seemed like a good idea. A golden brown leaf fell and landed on the brim of the glass and hung on for dear life. His early years personified; and now his older years. Another bubble burst on the back of his head, he turned around and smiled at the kids that had mastered blowing bubbles, excited at the fact Russel, the dog, was chasing them.
It seemed the simple things in life still made him happy. How much more he had to pass on, show people younger than him the ropes and pass on wisdom. If only people would listen to him and take notice of whom he really was.
Life must however go on and if life is uncertain then if one lives in uncertainty one should live to the fullest because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Steevo502 Steevo502
22-25, M
May 14, 2012