Nothing Left To Lose

The following poem was penned by my very troubled 17 year old self. Sanity and I had broken up with each other a very long time before that. In all seriousness, I wonder at times if we were ever acquainted at all. There will be more posts from me down the line to shed a little light on that for you, dear readers. For now though, I give you this literary product of my madness.


Could I freeze time, for but a moment
That I might let out my despair?
To scream my emptiness outside me.
Let it infiltrate the air.

I walk the world in an unending trance.
Life is but music and I dance the dance

But I've lost the rhythm,
My step's out of time,
My song's lost it's tune
And I've long lost my mind.

So, it's live for the moment!
Live for the thrill.
Drink your drink, smoke you!r smoke
And pop on your pill.

There is fun to be had.
There are people to use.
There is empty joy in knowing
That you've nothing left to lose.
BelladonnaValentina BelladonnaValentina
26-30, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

Those dreams are actually a great and constant source of inspiration for my writing. There's one story I'm working on with seriously sinister undertones, set on an Earth that isn't really Earth. I'll share a little if it when I've worked in it some mire.

you continue to make me curious about the dreams that you feel may be about another life.