The Eigth Grade, Discovering Humor, And The "omish"

I've been over weight since I was eight. That's been thirteen years. By the time I had reached thirteen year old I had already been through two personality changes. The first had been two years prior, the sixth grade, where I was the smelly kid, the weird kid, and also the kid who was super brilliant but didn't do his home work. I wasn't really picked on; I was just told to shut up and listened. The summer after I went to summer school, passed, and for the remainder of the summer learned how to shower regularly, have semi-normal conversations with others my own age, and how to just chill the **** out.

The seventh grade had produced the basic me: calm and stable at first impression, open and friendly with everyone, shy around "abnormally ugly girls" which is whole other story, and comedic. The last being the most important thing in my life. Comedy has changed my life and when I discovered I could make people laugh I blossomed. It started with singing Ste[hen Lynch songs after school while waiting for the bus. Then it became me portraying Fat Bastard in English class. Once during a tornado watch we were forced to stay at school two extra hours into the evening. The place I had to sit around was the english class room where most of the comedy took place. I remember wanting to make people so laugh I would do physical comedy. "Attempting" to jump over desks in single bounds while singing hit musical numbers I made my first set of people who liked me for me. They would request and then they'd laugh.

I remember discovering that I liked to write which was a tremendous sign that I was developing into a real, genuine human being: I had a thing I liked to do besides hang out with mom and watch cartoons. It was the day of a state required testing and we were all split into groups to sit in rooms to answer questions about stuff we did not care to know. One of these tests was an essay we would have to write in one hour about the prompted subject they had handed us. I can't remember to this day what it was thatI was supposed to write about but I can tell you what I did write about. I wrote a short story about an Amish boy named Boyadia who finds a T.V. in his corn field with his dog rightly named Dogadia. When the boy brings this mysterious box into his home his father, Dadadia, freaks out and rebukes him harshly. I can't remember the ending either. I do remember however learning later on how to spell 'Amish'.... its not 'Omish'.

I remember enjoying that hour. As someone who despises modern education and the majority of the jobs that are out there discovering that I enjoyed writing was mind blower. That was when I realized I liked to learn, I liked to know things, and my personality came to be. Every thought, every revealed mystery of the universe I have had, every friendship, life decisions I have made, and current experiences have solely come from discovering writing and comedy.

There's a part two this story but it doesn't do with writing. Thank you fro reading my story.
didsomeshit didsomeshit
22-25, M
May 21, 2012