Geoff and I watched Shame on DVD last night.  I had heard quite a bit about its uncompromising exploration of a man’s sexual addiction so I was interested to see how they would deal with the subject.  It is a strangely haunting film and probably not something I could sit through again, unless I want to see Michael Fassbender’s prodigious penis on slow-motion once again!  Any man who looks like that naked would be only too happy to display his manhood on film and I have to admit that I am now fascinated by this man!  I was a bit creeped out by Cary Mulligan’s nude scene, mainly because she is still so young and also because she usually plays such demure characters.  I would have liked to know why this brother and sister are so emotionally damaged but that part of the story is never revealed.  For those who pooh-pooh the idea that sexual addiction actually exists, watch this film.  I have a friend who has gone through much of the same psychological agony and he has now been celibate for six years and cannot even talk about sex without feeling nauseous.  I suppose it’s a bit like working in a chocolate factory; you gorge yourself on free choccies for the first week until you vomit and then you never want to see another chocolate in your entire life.  Geoff admitted that he was rather turned on by the scene in the gay bathhouse but it all struck me as hopelessly sad and destructive.


Aside from full frontal nudity in our living room, our Sunday was fairly conventional.  Roast lamb for lunch with a delicious rhubarb crumble to follow.  While I worked in the herb garden Geoff fixed the bookshelves and patched-up the earthquake crack.  I am thrilled to see that the wild strawberries are coming back even stronger than last year thanks to all the organic compost we created from kitchen scraps.  I love the fact that this fruit has been a source of nutrition since the Stone Age and I’m particularly enamoured by anything in miniature (except, perhaps, Michael Fassbender’s penis!)


BarmyCow BarmyCow
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May 21, 2012