Something I Have Been Working On :)

The outside world suddenly became a shadow. My troubles seemed stupid. My mind was lost in its world of its own. The candle inside me burned out. It’s as if I was in Antarctica, with no one beside me but the freezing lethal atmosphere. I felt solid. Not one inch in me moved. I was looking directly ahead of me. Then it all changed. It felt warmer. It felt like the winter days I use to sleep beside the radiator. I felt at ease. It was hazy, but I felt warm, and sheltered. It was a familiar feeling. It felt as if I was wrapped in his arms. In front of me, I could see a shape of someone. The fog did not allow me to see visibly. Nevertheless I was still able to see him. He was so tall and slender. He stood with so much rightness. His hair was the shade of the bark of a tree. And his features they were so clear, it seemed as if he was shimmering. It sounds so clichéd, but I swear he was gleaming! There was a distance between us, never less I had the ability to distinguish the color of his eyes. He had the most striking hazel eyes. The smirk on his face was so mysterious. It was as if, he had a secret no one can know about. As if he knows the answers to all the questions. As if he knew the secret to the creation of mankind and Earth. His smile was like no other, beyond words, totally endearing. It was as wide as the sky, and as tender as an infant. Then it hit me. A pain in which is more painful than a slap in the face. A pain larger than a bruise or a broken bone. Pain in which hurts you all over. Mentally. Emotionally. And physically. I felt as if my heart was slowly falling to the ground I excruciatingly stood in. The question was floating in my head. However I was fighting to not think about it. However my mind won. So I gave in. ‘Is it real? Or is it another dream?’ The question circulated all over me. The pain worsens with each thought. With hesitation I close my eyes. The world goes dark. Just like that he was gone. I felt trapped in a world of darkness with no sense of the world. I felt completely out of place and lost. I had desire to open my eyes. However I did not have the guts to. I count to 5 slowly with a huge lump on my throat. And then I reopen my eyes. Seconds grow to minutes, and I could not help but smile. He was still there. The beautiful guy was still there! My happiness dries out, when my thoughts start pointing out the negative. ‘It’s an illusion’ a voice inside me says. I shake my head. And I grow frail. My whole body felt anesthetized. But the tears bring me to reality, and I am once again in control of my body.
I see his hands reaching out to me. I have always dreamed of this moment. I have imagined this day so many nights; however I had no idea what to do. I could not even bring my feet to move. I felt as if I have forgotten how to walk. I felt paralyzed. But it all changed once I saw his smile. His smile changed the moment. I felt as if the gloomy hole I was in suddenly had glow. I take three slow steps. I loosen up my shoulders and sigh. I breathe in and breathe out. I had not realized I was standing right in front of him. My beautiful boyfriend was in front of me, with the biggest smile a guy can have. I want to speak but I can’t find the words to say. Or should I say, I can’t find the perfect words to say to go with this perfect moment. Instead we lock our eyes together and have a silent conversation. Slowly he grabs my hands and then places his fingers between mine. With confidence that he won’t go I close my eyes and reopen them. Seeing him still in front of me with our hands close together brings a wave of happiness. I pull away and start weeping. I fall to the ground without caring that the grass might smudge on my jeans. I try to pull myself together, but I can’t. I look up at him, with tears. I couldn’t see him. My eyes were to watery making my vision blurry. I feel him pulling me up. His warm touch makes my tears dry away. As he pulls me up I have my eyes on him, with no desire to let go. As we face each other we stare in silence.
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thank you! :)

Wow, is was amazing. You really have a talent! It is so intense and so well weaved together... I am beyond words. :) Keep writing!