I Cant Call Myself A Writer But I Love Writing

The title says it all right? But everyone can be a writer, you just need a paper and a pen or a computer! It's that easy...Writing is very therapeutic, I encourage everyone to write out their thoughts. At least, paper is less judgemental than people.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

But what if you write but get negative feedback ?<br />
When i write i feel free. And i feel very creative.<br />
But my lights turn off, when some one says " This will never be published" <br />
It really sucks man. >.

But then you should go ahead and publish it and make millions of dollars because that person is so wrong. :) There were many famous people who were told that they wouldn't make it or that their creation is not worthwhile investing... Now, those are the people that are making millions!!! So don't ever let those people put you down. :)

Yeah, I think you should go on with your dreams no matter what. Cheers hun

Yes, it is better to have things come out rather than keeping it all inside. Like a bottle if there's too much water, it will eventually overflow. Best to pour some water out in a glass and enjoy. :)