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when i was eleven years old and sitting in class i remember we were doing some gimmick about all the different words that have cat in them, like catastrophe, cataclisim, catacombs. during this leason me and two friends of mine decided that we were going to write a stroy about cats. the story turned into a ripp off of the lord of the rings(except all the characters had been turned into cats) but this was my first real experience of writting. that silly little story that we did for fun has turned into my lifes ambition. now all i want to do with my life is write, im not sure how im going to turn this into a job but hopefully ill get there one day.

does anyone else have a story about how their passion for writing began because id love to hear it.

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My love for writing started years ago...<br />
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I must have been about five or six when I started my first journal....I was inspired to write because it gave me a freedom I haven't know ever before. Journaling let me express my true self....without having to face being ridiculed by others for feeling the way I did.

well it is too far back to remember how my passion for writing began.. probably from reading books I enjoyed.. in my childhood Enid Blyton, Louisa May Alcott, Alfred Hitchcock edited stories for teenagers.., Somerset Maugham and ofcourse the Tintin and Asterix series.. Recently my husband decided he would like to write a film script or two.. I have been reading film scripts on imdb.com to get the conventions used in script writing..