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I’m almost finished, after 7 month’s of labouring evenings and on the bus (I write on my palm pilot) my urban, sci-fi adventure novel is almost ready for its first painstaking draft! The anticipation is so great that the few hundred words I wrote last night are the only words I've put into the story in the last two weeks or so. I think I've been spending more time imagining the finished product then I have been actually finishing it.

I’m on the last part, about nine chapters left. I hope it all goes well, the anticipation is killing me.

I love to write, it seems like I was always heading that way, even though I didn’t take it seriously until last year. I can express myself creatively while elaborating on some of the concepts that pass through my mind in relation to the universe.

It’s a very spiritual act, but I am thoroughly atheist.

And don’t expect to see even a smidgen of my work until I’ve done at least the first draft, its about 220,000 words already. Can’t wait for it to be done.

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If you want, check out for self-publishing. It's an inexpensive route, or as I did with Amazon, went with their Kindle Direct -- easy -- pay no fee, BUT, you collect the royalties on your work. Finally published Code of Time, a sci-fi, adventure military historical piece in three parts. Trial and error at first but now I know how to do it. I have two more ready and planning another story. Try it, you'll love it! # # #

Wow, this Novel is SI, and I never did anything more then lament over my inability to commit to editing the beast it became.<br />
<br />
One day Si, one day I will return to the adventures of Heidi and her kind.... I never forgot you guys, you're all archived and ready for editing or in various half-way finished formats only half edited. <br />
<br />
I wrote The City, since then, and I posted it online to some positive feedback. The City is also unfinished. Not to mention an anthology of short stories and all number of half begun projects.<br />
I am just so disappointed in myself, but I really didn't expect much more of myself or I would have sent em off to publishers and agents by now would not I have?

You only started with an outline in your head? When and how did you actually sit down and say "I'm going to do this. I'm going to write a book"? And on that note, be sure to let me know how publication goes, it sounds like a very nice read.

I came across a delightful conversation between Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor where they both 'fessed up to having long engaging conversations with their characters *and* to their characters raising a stink if either author tried to make them do what they didn't want to.<br />
<br />
It was a watershed moment for me for writers of their stature to be so upfront about something so honest and yet "crazy-sounding".

They sort of grow on you. <br />
I had to cut one from mine, a cool guy that I had big plans for...but who never filled his shoes as a benevolent evil...He started helping a character at the end because of a crisis of conscience. Although it was good for his personal development; it was unnecessary as far as plot goes...So Dean was cut; but I think I'll be giving him a story of his own at some point.

I know the feeling. I sort of rushed my ending because I figured I'd smooth it out in the re-write... but I've only managed about one fifth of the re-write...And then come to a screeching halt with interferences. <br />
I have some big ideas and half-started projects now...<br />
<br />
I killed a crucial character in my Novel, that was pretty sad...and the way I did it was shameful given this characters importance. I'm going to make it heroic when I finally do sit down the finish the re-write.

I had no outline except the one in my head.

how do you DO that??? write a book?? i've been working on something for a few years now but, i don't know how to do it...where do i start? with an outline???

FINISHED! MANUSCRIPT PREPARED>>>WAITING FOR DRAFT TIME (4+ WEEKS). I am full of sad joy; my characters have finished the first part of their journeys.

Maaaaaaan, I wish I would get the flow back

The reader can decide what genre it is, as long as there's a publisher willing to give them a chance to speculate. <br />
I think I've begun to pet my 'writers block', I talk about it like it is a real thing. I have to get past that and get on with the really hard parts; the end, and the drafts.

Congratulations! And I say that with the greatest of empathy, because I have just fleshed out all the bony aspects of a story that has been years in the making. It is speculative fiction, which is why your story caught my eye, though there are two people arguing over whether it is sf or fantasy...I'm content to straddle the border. I'm not fond of boundaries anyway.