Writing Right!

Hey guys, girls, and others.

I read a story on EP by one of my friends earlier. It was about grammar and punctuation. Now, I don't know how many people actually get angry when they read something like "Yeah I know! I can't wait to go their, either." And I have to say that it bothers me, sure it does, me being a writer and all. For those of you who actually want the way it's supposed to be written: Yeah, I know! I can't wait to go there, either." Actually the corrected version was just for me. lol It's like when you see something that you know isn't quite right and you feel that urge to do something about it. And so, I corrected it! :D

While I won't go into detail like my friend did on here, I will say this, about the importance of writing well: If you're going to do it, do it with the knowledge that someone else is going to read what you wrote--some day they will, if not now. Writing correctly is being more than polite. It's being respectful! :-)

That goes for any form of writing, whether it's for a report or a paper you're doing for class! Somebody's going to read that. If it's for a grade, you have the power to make it a good grade :-). If it's for work, your boss will be appreciative. Maybe not in so many words...such is how I've found bosses to operate. They still won't be upset if they're reading something they can understand.
Darklight1 Darklight1
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Oct 12, 2012